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Workshop 2009

Meet Peggy Marinello | Print |
Peggy Marinello and her husband, Len, live in North San Diego County, California. She has been a professional organizer for many years as owner and operator of Marinello's H.O.P.E. Professional Organizing. By providing a custom service she is able to help those who are ready to let go of the chaos and are willing to do what it takes to get the peace they yearn for in their homes and home offices. When helping her clients get their lives in order she listens to their needs and creates systems to match their individual life styles. Once her clients have reached their goals she comes twice a year to see where they may need to make adjustments. With Peggy's coaching support with new ways to keep the order they have been enjoying, her clients have confidence to really enjoy their lives the way they only dreamed of before. She can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
FIRE! My Clutter or My Life?! | Print |

Last week we in San Diego experienced a fire storm that is impossible to comprehend by only seeing parts of it on television. Over 300,000 acres have burned thus far and some fires still burn. In the Cedar fire 4 years ago 50,000 residents were evacuated. Last week 500,000 were evacuated from their homes. Over 1500 of those homes and all that was in and around them no longer exist. As the TV cameras were allowed into some neighborhoods before the residents were the devastation was all inclusive. Some of the most amazing sights were the number of cars, loaded with possessions, still parked in the driveways BURNED TO THE GROUND.

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