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Workshop 2009

Get Organized

I would like to introduce Get Organized, the WebPages that will be dedicated to organizing the unorganized among us! Getting organized is a viable way to help keep the Greatest Generation and Boomer Generation aging well at home; free of clutter, safely and organized. Although anyone with a good understanding of their senior’s needs and preferences can assist with cleaning-up and clutter removal, many times a neutral third party is “just the ticket” to avoid family stress and squabbles. Enter the Professional Organizer!

You may not have heard of at all--or you may be well-acquainted with-- professional organizers. NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers, is a 22-year-old organization that boasts many members, both nationally and internationally. NAPO’s mission is “to develop, lead, and promote professional organizers and the organizing industry.” NAPO credentials; that is, requires its members to meet ethical and educational standards that the public can count on when seeking to hire a reputable person. So be sure to check out the qualifications of any organizer you might hire.

Professional organizers (PO’s) who specialize in seniors help agers and their families adjust to their changing housing needs. PO’s believe that they will better serve their clients if seniors are on-track with the natural evolution of their lifestyles, and can create some breathing room for them to enjoy as they “age in place.” Senior-specific organizing has the potential to bring a new dimension of positive social impact for seniors and good business opportunities designed to serve the aging community.

These vital discussions on serving seniors will be addressed by Peggy Marinello, PO, and was one of the founders of the San Diego Chapter of NAPO. Peggy brings firm direction wrapped in her unique style of humor and lightheartedness. She will write on evaluating organizing needs in the five basic areas that are common to everyone: the “home zones” of rest, food, and clothing; time management; and paper management. Peggy also does great work with home offices. I will provide an overview of aging concepts with specific information that will add to Peggy’s gift to inform, challenge, and educate about the tenets of organizing. She will offer practical strategies aimed at promoting success to orderly living. I believe everyone will go away with solutions, options, and inspiration for their own organizing experience with seniors!

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Get Organized Video Episode One - The Kitchen
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