Gail Sheehy
Dear Seasoned Women friends, So glad to be back in touch with you - you are part of my core resource. Some of you responded to my questionnaire for Sex and the Seasoned Woman. Together, we have had an enormous impact and established a newly positive identity for women like ourselves. Now I'm coming back to you to tell you about the next book I'm working on about family caregiving. It's more than a book, it's a mission. I'm trying to delineate stages of what is often a very long and formless journey. I also want to highlight positive experiences and start the momentum of a movement to change our health care focus and reimbursement policies from the acute chronic-care model (revolving door through ER's; repeated hospitalizations; huge cost & traumatic transitions) to a family and community centered model. I hope you'll want to continue the conversation. Click on the link below to go to my website (If you're on aol, simply copy and paste the link into your aol browser). with affection and cheers to you all, Gail