Fashion Over 50 Intro

Welcome to the FASHION OVER FIFTY pages! If there is one thing that men and women struggle with on a daily basis--as they watch the effects of Aging’s changes--is self-image. Many times, our fashion sense takes a hit, too.

This area of our website will encourage, celebrate and challenge us over-50 to enjoy our image—the one that we stare at every morning in our mirrors, many times with less-than-charitable glances. How we dress that image reflects how we care about ourselves, because how we “package ourselves” is many times the way our world perceives us.

A bigger part of our beauty, though, is the attitude we project, which we can control. So let’s “accentuate the positive” like our mothers, our mentors, and the people who really care about us have told us all these years! We’ll interview fashion experts, get some great advice and find some comfort in the freedom that aging brings and allows us to explore